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Claim a Anime or Manga pairing!

Claim An Anime or Manga Pairing
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List last updated: Saturday, August 07, 2004

xx Rules xx


1. You must have a LiveJournal.

2. You must have a LiveJournal that you use.

3. You can only choose one pairing to claim. Unless you're given premission to claim more than one.

4. To gain another claim you must donate a banner, fan art or icon to the Community. The limit of extra claims given is two.

5. Three people can claim the same pairing.

6. You can change your pairing twice. But only twice. Otherwise you're stuck with the same pairing.

7. Please put up your requests in the Community Journal. Do not e-mail me the requests. Because the e-mail might end up in the Junk Mail folder and I won't get it.

8. Make sure you check the Pairings List before you make your claim. In case your pairing is taken.

9. When Requesting, State the Pairing Name and the Anime or Manga that the pairing is from.

Rules Will Be Added Occationaly. You will be informed if it does. Check the Updates every once in awhile.

Now that you've read the rules. Go to The Pairings List.

- KowariYume

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